Cloud Connectivity

Connecting your cloud to your different infrastructure, transforming cloud connectivity to business worldwide. Fast and easy deployment in the cloud. Making your cloud services better with CTU.

A high speed dedicated line service between cloud connections

Cloud Connectivity is a technology based on CTU’s Cloud Exchange Network, which cater enterprises a high speed dedicated line service between cloud connection. It is also based on where the network resource pool is built with the interconnection of global mainstream public cloud. Such interconnection leads to stable and high quality network connection for any cloud access worldwide.

CTU provide enterprises a simplified, high speed cloud access experience and a solution for remote data transmission, multi area business interconnection and inter cloud business access.

Flexible Deployment

Users can quickly deploy and deliver, save construction cost and time for completion based on CTU internal resources interconnection.

Worldwide Coverage

Interconnection of 400 POPs nodes in Greater China and worldwide with the world well known public clouds.

High Quality Network

Low latency, high redundancy, multi routing and high quality network processing capabilities.

High Security

Multi encapsulation, protection and isolation of the private networks to ensure the independent of the network and is not affected by other, to effectively prevent data being monitored and stolen.

Benefit of CTU’s Virtual PoP:

  • Create any desired new points of presence within minutes
  • No CAPEX expenses or long term commitment
  • Highly scalable and manageable
  • Cost- effective and highly scalable China Mainland and Global network resource
  • Get billed according to circuits allocated
  • 24/7 Network Operating Centre for Monitoring & Support

CTU add value to your business by providing reliability and possibility of borderless communication, connecting you to your customers and partners.

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Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Through DCI, ECI and other network connecting services, Interconnection of the global public cloud help enterprises to achieve the required hybrid cloud solutions including multi-location management, such as Public Cloud + Physical Servers, Public Cloud + Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud to Internet Data Center and etc.

Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Build, connect and manage a multi-cloud environment. Accessing to any world’s leading cloud provider whilst, connecting to multiple cloud regions with ease and greater security, stability and reliability.

Cloud to Cloud Connectivity

Simple and quick deployment in building virtual network between clouds without the need to own physical infrastructure and equipment. Connecting clouds network between regions at a lower and affordable cost.

Connecting The World’s Top Cloud Providers

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