Create Virtual POPs on the fly

Save time and money with our state of the art system that enables you to create new points of presence within minutes. It’s the ultimate way to deploy a worldwide carrier network.

The fastest way to deploy a worldwide carrier Network

Due to the transforming digital and technology era, it has become necessity for businesses to have presence in different location either domestically or internationally. Building such presence seems to be tedious, cost as well as time consuming.

CTU Virtual PoP service is the fastest way to deploy worldwide carrier network. It is designed to save time and money for every carrier and businesses, helping them to grow fast at a reasonable cost.

Using our Virtual POP, you can create your new points of presence within minutes; no CAPEX expenses or long term commitments. The service is highly scalable, fully manageable by the customer and easy to use and control.

Benefit of CTU’s Virtual PoP:

  • Create any desired new points of presence within minutes
  • No CAPEX expenses or long term commitment
  • Highly scalable and manageable
  • Cost- effective and highly scalable China Mainland and Global network resource
  • Get billed according to circuits allocated
  • 24/7 Network Operating Centre for Monitoring & Support

CTU add value to your business by providing reliability and possibility of borderless communication, connecting you to your customers and partners.

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